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  • Animal people

    Animal people

    AppearanceVaries from animal to animal; animal people are slightly anthropomorphized forms of any animal found on Koholint Island.
    Common professionsany

  • Bokoblins


    AppearanceA bokoblin's skin is a shade of blue, green, or pink, usually light or pale. They have long, pointed ears that point out from their heads and beady eyes that can be yellow or green. Their bodies are …

  • Deku scrubs

    Deku scrubs

    AppearanceDeku scrubs are plant creatures, made of leaves and bark. The have brown and black bodies, yellow eyes, and a trumpet-like snout. Their leaves are on top of their heads as if they were hair, and …

  • Fairies


    AppearanceFairies are tiny, about the size of a hylian's fist. They look like tiny hylians with wings, but they have a natural disguise mechanism that envelopes them in a ball of light.
    Common …

  • Goriya


    AppearanceGoriya resemble humanoid jackals of unusual colors: red, blue, green, or mixtures therein. They are a little taller than an average hylian.
    Common professionswarriors, …

  • Gorons


    AppearanceGorons are big, strong brown humanoids with rock-like shells on their backs. They have brown or white hair, if any at all, and dark eyes, normally blue or black. They are taller than an average hylian. …

  • Hylians


  • AppearanceHylians resemble humans with long ears that point outwards.
    Common professionsany
    AppearanceKeatons are yellow foxes with multiple tails. As they get older, they grow more tails, up to nine. Their ears, tails, and noses have black tips, and their eyes are black.
    Common …

  • Miniblins


    AppearanceMiniblins are very short, shorter than kokiri or hylian children. Their skin comes in nearly any color, as long as their torsos and faces are light and their heads and legs are dark. They have horns …

  • Moblins


    AppearanceThere are two distinct breeds of moblins: "pig" moblins and "bulldog" moblins. Both types are significantly taller than hylians and very strong. They are humanoid. Pig moblins have white or dark brown …

  • Skullkids


    AppearanceSkullkids are the same size and shape as kokiris, except with the following differences. They have very spherical heads, with froglike noses, wide mouths, and big red eyes. Their skin is always some …

  • Subrosians


    AppearanceOutsiders from the subrosians' society do not know what they look like, because they are always wearing robes that obscure their faces and hide their bodies. In truth, subrosians look like small- …

  • Zora


    AppearanceZoras have fish-like scales over their entire bodies. They are usually light shades of blue but are sometimes green instead. On rare occasions, they may be brown. They have webbed feet and long fins on …

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